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Injinji Toe Socks. Made famous as some of the best running socks in the world, and as the companion footwear to Vibram Five Finger shoes.

These socks have gotten quite popular in the nomad community as amazing travel socks. And, while some people think the individual toes are weird, I think they’re awesome.

Let’s take a look at how they perform on the road.

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What Injinjis Are Made To Do

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Injinji toes socks, the five fingered socks for the minimalist shoe lover.

The injinjis are made to:

  • Be good for any shoe, climate, and terrain
  • Prevent odor
  • Keep feet dry
  • Be comfortable
  • Be warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Protect from blisters

Do Injinjis do what it’s made to do?

In a word, HELL yes.

Claim: Injinjis Are Good For Any Shoe

Verdict: TRUE

Injinji Sneakers

Even when wearing normal shoes (and not Vibram Five Fingers), the injinjis feel more freeing. You can wiggle your toes around in the shoes, and it feels like you’ve got a warm & fuzzy second skin on your feet.

Because of this, they also make excellent slipper replacements, since you can still stretch your toes and feel the texture of the floor you’re walking on.

They also, of course, work wonderfully in Vibram Five Finger shoes.

Claim: Injinjis Prevents Odor

Verdict: TRUE

I’ve worn these shoes day in day out for a week before they begun to smell horrible. And I’ve got smelly feet.

And, when they do stink, I can just wash them in the sink with hand soap and they’re dry and clean smelling by the time I wake up next morning.

Injinji Feminine

On top of that, my Vibrams themselves don’t stink up very quickly at all when I’ve wearing these.

Claim: Injinjis Keeps Your Feet Dry

Verdict: TRUE

Not only have these socks NEVER gotten wet from my sweaty feet, but they also don’t stay wet even when I shower or swim with them.

I’ve used them to put a barrier between myself and a ugly looking shower floor, and I’ve worn them swimming just to see how it would feel. Both times, I could put them up in the sun afterwards and they’d be totally dry in a couple hours.

I could also wear them in my shoes while wet, and they wouldn’t feel or smell nearly as bad as normal socks do. Still tolerable.

Claim: Injinjis Are More Comfortable Than Normal Socks

Verdict: TRUE

These socks just feel good on the feet. You slip them on and the material fits tightly against your skin like a second skin.

And the individual toe wrapping lets you wiggle your toes around in the socks, which feels awesomely freeing.

They’re soft, warm, and just feel good on your feet.

Claim: Injinjis Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter & Cool In Summer

Verdict: TRUE

Injinji Lifestyle

I’ve no idea how they did this, but these socks are never uncomfortable. I’d wear them on my feet on cold nights, and my feet would always warm up (and we’re talking Montreal-Winter cold).

And in the summer, even in Bali’s dry season, I’ve never had my feet feel too warm in the shoes when I’m wearing Injinjis, nor sweat so much that my socks get wet (both problems I have with just about every other sock).

Claim: Injinjis Protect You From Blisters

Verdict: TRUE

I never get blisters, so I can’t give my own say here.

But pro runnersVibram Five Finger wearershikers, cyclists, and travelers report that they totally eliminate blisters. There’s enough positive word out there that I trust it to be true.

Nomadic Info

Is it worth it’s weight and space? How far can you take it with you. How much time does it demand? How much does it cost?


My injinjis lasted 9 months heavy usage before their usefulness started to drop.

Injinji Worn OUt

And I mean heavy usage. I’d often wear these socks for days on end, as I often only had 2 pair’s of socks. There were a good few times I’d wear just them and walk around outside on pavement.

Around month 7, I could begin to see my skin through the ball of the foot. By month 9, one of the socks had worn through the ball of the foot. They were still wearable, but not as warm or useful.

By month 13, Choco the dog stole them from on top of my shoes and now they’re lost somewhere in Bali.

I don’t recommend wearing them against pavement, as I think that’s a big contributing factor to them wearing out.


Nearly none needed. These socks could be worn daily, washed twice a week in the sink, and dried over night.

If they got wet and I had to run, I could squeeze all the water out and throw them in my bag, and they wouldn’t leak any water at all.

Weight, Size & Noticeability

They weigh nothing, take up no space, and are never noticed in the packing process.

You don’t even notice these socks much when you’re wearing them. The individual toes makes it feel more natural.


Injinjis range from $10-$16 a pair, and you can easily get by with just two pairs for about 9 months of hard usage.

Injinji science

The Results

The injinjis are the best nomad socks I’ve yet discovered.

You only need two pairs ever. They are more comfortable than any other socks I’ve ever worn. They keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the seasons. They can take heavy usage quite well. They can be hand washed easily and require almost no drying time. They (allegedly) eliminate blisters.

These socks are a work of art and engineering. Their only other competition is Smart Wool Socks, which I’ll be reviewing in the future.

Injinji Grab

P.S. I’m also, as I write this, testing out the RUN 2.o Original Weight Mini-Crew and the RUN 2.o Lightweight No-Show. I’ll update you on those once I’ve put them through hell and back.



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  2. I was a dedicated smart wool sock guy for years, however in the last year I’ve converted completely to incredisocks from incrediwear. Still made with natural fibers, but leagues better than smart wool. More durable, better odor resistance, more comfortable in the shoe, etc.

    • Cool. Have you had a chance to compare the Incredisocks with the Injinjis? I’d love to hear your comparison.

      I’ve added the Incredisocks to my to-test list.

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