Living Life Out Of A Carry-on

Able to pack everything and hit the next adventure on the turn of a dime, we are Rad Nomads. With so much to discover and so many memories to create, we don't waste time on luggage and we don't collect stuff. The things we own, we own because they improve our experiences. Our gear is a tool to further our adventures.

The Best Nomad Gear. Period.

One of the advantages of owning less than 60 things in the world is that you can make those few possessions the absolute best in their class. Our passion is finding that gear for you. Those few things in the world that are made for nomads. We find the gear that improves your adventures.


"Got great spot-on recommendations on everything I needed (and more) for my 1 month hiking adventure in Spain and France. Super happy with all the equipment I ended up with. Can highly recommend!" - Michael Bodekaer Michael Testimonial  

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